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Vineyard vigour maps to identify zones of vine and berry variability
Helping growers understand the spatial variability of vineyard vigour

Every vineyard is subject to variability in the vigour or health of the vines due to soil characteristics, access to water, seasonal climate, pests and diseases and management practices. This variability is likely to be present in the maturity and quality of the fruit at harvest time. 

Acquired at the start of the veraison period, V3 Maps provide a spatial context to the variability in vigour in your vineyard. This allows vineyard managers to identify and strategically manage variability for a targeted wine outcome.

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Applications of V3 Maps
  • Targeted field scouting
  • Strategic placement of sampling points
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Harvesting zones of homogeneous berry quality
  • Aiding the winemaker in fruit selection
  • Variable rate applications
  • General vineyard management, maintenance and planning 
  • Vineyard marketing and communications

How does the V3 Map service work?

The V3 Map service provides a simple solution for purchasing vigour maps of your property at veraison. You place an order for your fields and we take care of the rest; from the flight and data acquisition to processing and online delivery.

V3 Map data is acquired by locally based aviation partners using SpecTerra's professional grade airborne remote sensing equipment. We are not a UAV service, so access to your property is not required. There are two ways to make an order:

Pre-ordering before our flights

Pre-ordering ensures that your property will be included in our flight campaign and acquired with high priority. Pre-orders are secured with a 20% deposit with the remainder invoiced when your maps are ready to download in the days following the acquisition.
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Purchasing acquired data from our Data Store

V3 Map data will be speculatively acquired for certain growing regions and available to purchase throughout the year via our Data Store.
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V3 Map Products

All V3 Map products are derived from SpecTerra Imagery acquired at 0.5m resolution or greater to allow a sufficient classification of image data dominated by vine canopy.

PCD vine canopy - more sensitive to vigour than NDVI data

V3 Vigour Vine

Imagery (PCD values) presented as classified vine canopy and scaled to both individual blocks (fields) and the whole vineyard (farm) for assessing intra-and-inter field variability.

PCD vine canopy as a surface  layer - more sensitive to vigour than NDVI data

V3 Vigour Surface

Similar to the V3 Vigour Vine product, but with the classified vine canopy interpolated to a surface to help identify and classify zones of homogeneity.

True colour image overview of vineyard property

V3 Overview

A true colour (red-green-blue composite) to give an overview of all the ordered fields including a 100m surrounding buffer.

Field ready maps and digital data for your GIS

Equip yourself with a comprehensive bundle of products to print, integrate in your GIS or view directly online. All digital data is provided georeferenced to the required UTM zone in WGS84 with a spatial accuracy of +/- 2m.

Prints for field work

V3 Vigour Vine and Surface products presented as A4 maps of each ordered vineyard block (field) in PDF format to print and take to the field for ground truthing and to guide vineyard management decisions.

Data for your GIS

V3 Vigour Vine, Surface and Overview products provided as 8-bit digital tiff files for integrating into your farm management or GIS software for viewing and further analysis.

Instant viewing in Google Earth

Data provided in a format to instantly pan, zoom and make measurements of your data in Google Earth on your PC or tablet.


"SpecTerra have been imaging Codorniu vineyards since 2006. Their data supports our need to obtain the very best results from each of them, helping to determine the precise moment for harvest and the wine making potential of each part of each vineyard."
Joan Esteve, Technical Director, Group Codorniu & Agropixel, Spain

"Grapegrowers and wine producers have embraced the use of SpecTerra Imagery as a means to reduce or maintain costs of crop production and in some cases substantially improve the retail value of grapes and wine."
Dr Tony Proffitt, AHA Viticulture & Precision Viticulture Australia

"SpecTerra Imagery aids decision making in the vineyard, for care, protection and nutrition. The ultimate goal is to increase yields and standardise growth. Thanks to the Imagery, in four years some plots have increased low yields of 25hl/ha and variable quality to yields of 50hl/ha with a good consistent quality."
Julien Richard, Vitivista & Chateau Tour Bayard, France

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